Bang the Big Gong: The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Has a New Website and a New Subscriptions Interface!

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It’s tradition around here to bang the gong when we launch a new website or product  – and this particular launch deserves a gong of symphonic size.

Introducing … the new Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra website + TurnStyle for Subscriptions. 

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is our first client partner to use this iteration of TurnStyle®, which offers both custom and fixed-seat subscriptions for seated venues on the Tessitura ticketing engine.  

In non-dev speak, this means that the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra now can sell its different types of subscriptions and upsell related packages and add-ons using TurnStyle’s customized user flows and optimized digital experience.  

What started out as a website project evolved into a product integration that led us not only to reimagine the symphony’s subscription flow but also pushed us to take TurnStyle further. It forced us to think about how we could use TNEW, the Tessitura API, and TurnStyle together for subscriptions at seated venues. This was new territory for us. Fortunately, our partners at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra were willing to be as innovative and flexible as we were.  

What Changed?

In past integrations of TurnStyle for our arts and culture partners, we had connected to ticketing platforms and CRMs to streamline sales and facilitate membership add-ons. We developed a whole new slew of use cases, specifically intended to help the symphony sell multiple types of subscriptions and packages, as well as customized upsells and offers to maximize its online revenue.   Fixed Seat Subscriptions on TurnStyle for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

For example, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra wanted to sell the following multiple subscription types: 


Fixed Seat Subscriptions on TurnStyle for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

More Improvements and Greater Accessibility

In addition to building these user flows, our team incorporated other key e-commerce and user experience optimizations. Calling data from the Tessitura API, we pulled category filters onto the selection page, so users could find their ideal subscription, while also adding cross-sells for other subscription offerings and upsells for add-ons like parking packages. 


Parking Package Upsells on TurnStyle for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Truly Flexible Subscription Interface

On that note, we didn’t just add any parking package as an option for any fixed-seat subscription. We made sure that TurnStyle would present the parking package that was best suited for the seats that the user had picked. Why? Because that’s how much we value customer experience. A great digital experience can set the tone for a great onsite experience, and the best experiences are the ones that transition seamlessly from online to in-person and vice versa.  

Yet the true beauty of this solution for ISO is that it can now offer custom and flexible subscription options to a wider audience, maximize the revenue from these subscriptions with upsells, and reduce the workload of its staff, who would often end up placing subscription orders for users on their old website.  

At a time when arts and culture institutions have had to make some tough cuts, we’re happy we could provide a tech solution that makes our partners’ lives easier — and one that gets more members in the door. 

None of this would have been possible without a partner like the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The team there gave us the freedom to be innovative and worked tirelessly alongside us as this project came together. ISO, thank you for being our partner. We look forward to growing together.



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