Managing Visitor Experience & Schedules Across Multiple Venues


Making It Easier to Manage Multiple Sites

To fully take in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, known as the “Smithsonian of country music,” visitors should see not only the main building but also the other properties it operates: the Hatch Show Print letterpress business and the historic RCA Studio B. For the museum, offering timed entry and managing visitor throughput across multiple venues was a technological challenge.


When It Comes To Ticketing, Timing Is Everything

TurnStyle made it possible for the Hall of Fame to offer timed-entry ticketing for multi-venue visitors with built-in intelligence that simplified the process for planning a visit, and kept customers from reserving spots at conflicting times. Additionally, concierge features offer up suggested day planning based on throughput trends for an optimized schedule. Visitors who select one attraction at 10 a.m., for example, are served timed-entry options for another beginning at 11:30 a.m. or later — even within package offers for multiple exhibits — allowing for an optimized on-site experience with less congestion.


The Best Solutions Make It Look Simple

With the launch of TurnStyle, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum was able not only to manage a better visitor flow and optimize foot traffic without creating a crowded experience but also to improve and enhance customers’ day at the venue through upsells and upgrades based on the features selected. Its timed-entry logic also keeps visitors from accidentally choosing exhibit times that conflict. Furthermore, TurnStyle’s automated suggestions and customer service made this process possible 24/7 without relying on a heavy technical integration or on extra staffing at the venues.

Your Experience Awaits

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