Managing & Monitoring Optimal Member Experiences


Caring For Your Best Customers Takes Effort

Like many organizations, the Dallas Zoo offers robust experiences to its members and nonmembers alike. However, Zoo officials realized that visitors may be missing out on important experiences, which could jeopardize the likelihood for return visits, membership signups and donations. Specifically, the Zoo aspired to create awareness among visitors for benefits that aligned most to their needs and to track each consumer category for the benefits they valued and used most.


Solve for the the Full Customer Journey

TurnStyle’s solution addressed even more than pairing perks with patrons. The customized solution began by looking at how this intelligent platform could help the visitor plan their entire day. By learning visitor preferences and needs, TurnStyle’s proprietary Whispers & Shouts guided visitors to ticketing, timed-entry experiences, and even parking solutions that served their needs. 

Beyond that single-day experience, TurnStyle integrated learning attributes that triggered membership or donor opportunities at the right time in the visitor journey and equipped the customer with a profile to manage membership entitlements and unique member access opportunities throughout the year.


Empowered to Drive Value for Members and Intelligence for the Organization

By staying in step with how patrons experience the zoo in a single visit, as well as how members interact with their perks over the course of a year, TurnStyle’s automated selling and service enabled the zoo to grow deeper relationships with every visitor who passed through the front gates. By ensuring that members found it easier to take advantage of discounts and benefits, such as free tickets and parking, the zoo increased the visibility of the value members receive — making renewals more likely year after year.

Your Experience Awaits

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